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The primary care providers at Square Medical Care provide expert guidance and comprehensive primary healthcare. Our accessible system of primary care offers our patients the resources and information to meet their health needs.
Sep 07, 2023 1,042 views

Primary care doctors provide basic and essential healthcare services to patients. They make sure they get the care they need for their everyday health concerns. They are the first point of contact for patients in Bronx. They assess health conditions, prevent disease and manage chronic conditions. In this blog, Dr. Ataul H Chowdhury from Square Medical Care discusses primary care physicians and their vital contribution to comprehensive healthcare in Bronx.

Preventive Care

Prevention is essential in primary care. Through routine check-ups and screenings, our primary care physicians identify risk factors and health concerns. It ultimately reduces the chance of developing serious illnesses or complications. We take into conditions like medical history, age, gender, and genetic factors. Then we develop personalized preventive care plans that match with the patient's overall health goals. Some of our assessments for various conditions like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid etc. We emphasize lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise. Our vaccination service can help to prevent various common infectious diseases. Furthermore, our primary care physicians promote mental health awareness and offer support.

Comprehensive Care

You can get comprehensive healthcare solutions at our center in Bronx. Our healthcare service timely and accessible to patients. We offer preventive care, routine check ups, vaccination, tests and geriatric care. We have treatment for common illnesses like fever, colds, and other minor diseases. We offer DOT/CDL Physical and Immigration Physicals by certified doctors. We also provide women's health care needs. Starting from routine check ups to breast and cervical cancer screening, we have best care possible. We also offer personalized healthcare for senior citizens. 

Managing Chronic Conditions

We provide treatment to patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and others. Our internal medicine physicians in Bronx work closely with patients. Our treatment plans address their unique needs. We offer medication management and advice on lifestyle. We offer referrals to specialists when necessary. We use Remote Patient Monitoring to monitor vitals of our patient. We can track their progress and adjust medication changes if necessary.

Patient Centered Care

We put our patients first. We always looking out for their best interests. We give advice and make sure they get the care they need.  Our primary care physicians take the time to understand their medical history, lifestyle, and individual needs. We educate them about their health conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures. We let them understand the nature of their illness and symptoms. We teach self care measures they can take at home. This may include instructions on how to manage fever, keep blood pressure lower and to eat healthily. They will recognize when to seek further medical attention. Our doctor explains the medical terms in plain language. It ensures they understand their diagnosis, and the reason behind recommended treatments. We let our patients ask questions and express concerns regarding their healthcare. We want them to participate in their healthcare decisions and achieve wellness.

Long term Health Partners 

Our Primary care physicians in Bronx build long term relationships with their patients. We know their medical history, family health concerns and preferences, and lifestyle time. This continuity fosters trust and rapport. The patients feel more comfortable discussing sensitive issues. They know they are in the environment whether they would be supportive and not be judged. They can co operate to treatment plans. 

Square Medical Care 

Primary care physicians are important in comprehensive healthcare in Bronx. Square Medical Care offers their dedication, expertise, and compassionate care. We want to continue to make a long term impact on the health and well being of individuals and communities. We have primary care doctors and gynecologist under one roof. We are one stop solution to all your health care needs. Schedule an appointment now to get the best care. We offer walk in appointments for urgent care.