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Know how primary care doctors manage the patients's chronic conditions effectively.
chronic disease management
Jun 20, 2024 248 views

Primary care physicians serve as the foundation of the healthcare system. These medical professionals work on the front lines to manage both your short term and long term health problems. At a primary care clinic, you will get comprehensive solutions for disease management. 

You will learn how your primary care doctor can help you with chronic disease management from Dr. Ataul H Chowdhury. He is our  professional internal medicine doctor at Square Medical Care and NYCDocs.

What Are Chronic Diseases?

Chronic illnesses are long term health conditions. Usually, these types of medical issues take more than 6 months to get cured. Some diseases stay for your lifetime. You need to keep them under control to prevent them from causing serious problems. These illnesses are often connected to other medical issues. So you need holistic management approaches to ensure your well being.

The common chronic conditions your primary care doctor will help to manage are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease and so on

Role of Primary Care in Your Chronic Disease Management

Primary care physicians can help identify your risk factors for chronic diseases. We also provide personalized treatment, considering your unique needs, and track your progress. Below is an overview of how we manage your long term diseases to ensure your wellness.

Regular Checkups & Early Screening

Primary care clinics offer preventive care services. We do your routine checkups to check your medical condition. We analyze your vital signs such as blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, etc. We also recommend various screenings to identify risk factors for chronic conditions such as heart or lung diseases. Through our proactive assessments, we detect your illnesses in their early stages. We create early interventions to keep your diseases under control. This way, you can stay risk free for a long time and live a healthy life despite having chronic illnesses.

Educate Patients 

Internal medicine doctors inform you about your medical condition through open discussions. We want to empower you with your health knowledge for effective chronic disease management. We provide essential information on understanding the condition, its progression, and the importance of adhering to prescribed treatments. We also teach our patients how to monitor their symptoms and medication. This way, we ensure that you are able to take an active role in maintaining your wellness.

Lifestyle Counseling

Our internist can advise you on a variety of personalized lifestyle habits that will help you stay fit. We offer lifestyle counseling to recommend healthy daily habits for our patients. We give guidance on food habits, weight management, stress relieving techniques, and many other important issues. We assess your overall wellness to suggest regular exercise plans. Through our support, you can make sustainable lifestyle changes that can significantly impact your health outcomes. 

Managing Effects Of The Existing Disease

Our PCPs usually conduct comprehensive assessments to understand your medical needs. Based on the findings, we create customized treatment plans. We combine multiple approaches to manage your illness effectively. We provide lifestyle guidelines and supportive therapies to improve your physical and mental well being. We also prescribe medication if necessary.

Monitoring & Adjustments To Treatment

General physicians provide follow up appointments to monitor the progress of the medical condition. We make sure that our medications and other advice are working as per our expectations. For that, we monitor your condition regularly. We also look for the side effects of medicines. We also make changes in the treatment process if needed. We either increase or decrease doses. If the medicines do not work, we change them too.

Refer to Specialist

A good primary care clinic offers referral services to ensure you get comprehensive healthcare. We analyze your condition to understand whether you are at a stage that needs help from specialists. In case your health condition becomes too complex, we refer you to specialized doctors who offer advanced treatment. We select the doctors for you and book your appointments. We also share your medical history and complete treatment information with other medical professionals. We take care of the overall transfer process to ensure your treatment goes smoothly. 

Chronic Condition Management in Bronx

Do you have any chronic conditions? Contact Square Medical Care to get the best chronic condition management. Our professional internal medicine doctor is there to provide you and your family with comprehensive care. Our offered services include preventive care, vaccination, chronic care, and many more. The best part of our clinic is that we accept almost all the available insurance. Book your online appointment today.


How often should I visit my primary care physician for chronic illness management?

Well it depends on your condition. You can visit twice a year if your condition is at the initial stage. However, your doctor will give you followup appointments for complex conditions.

What to expect during chronic disease management appointment?

Your general physician will review your medical history and conduct complete physical assessments. We discuss your symptoms or changes in case of follow up appointments. We recommend laboratory examinations if necessary. We also create treatment plans for new patients and make adjustments for our old patients. You should expect lifestyle counseling from us as well.

Do primary care physicians prescribe medications for chronic conditions?

Yes. We prescribe medicines for chronic conditions that cannot be managed only through lifestyle changes. We also monitor your condition to see whether the medications are causing any side effect or are working effectively.