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Primary care physicians offer overall health check-ups, preventive care, counseling, and empowerment.
Primary Care Physician in Bronx
Apr 04, 2024 353 views

If you are having seasonal flu, fever, or chronic diseases, primary care is the place to go. Square Medical Care is the best primary care in Bronx offering a wide range of healthcare services. We will talk about primary care and why it’s important for your health and well being.

What is Primary Care?

Primary Care is the first point of contact for a person to achieve a healthy life. Patients receive guidance from their chosen primary care physician throughout their medical journey. They help diagnose diseases, provide general treatment, and, if necessary, refer patients to specialists for advanced treatments.

Usually, patients seek assistance from primary care in case they suffer from health conditions like flu, fever, cold, rashes, or injuries like sprains or cuts. They also help patients suffering from chronic diseases and needing preventive care support such as vaccination, high risk assessment, and so on.

Why is Primary Care Important to the Healthcare System?

PCPs are the long term best friend for every individual. Our internal medicine doctors help to keep an eye on their health and answer questions. 

Primary Care normally consists of the following services.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our health professionals identify various health issues through comprehensive assessment. We review the medical history of the patients. It includes past illnesses, medications, family medical history, and so on.  

We do several screening tests, including blood, cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer screenings, among others. This helps us to connect the dots between symptoms and make early diagnoses. We also provide personalized treatment plans based on those diagnosis results. 

Preventive Care

We offer preventive care to keep patients healthy in Bronx. We focus on avoiding future health conditions. We hear your lifestyle choices, medical history, and present state of health. We keep track of vitals such as blood pressure, temperature and blood sugar. This helps to identify potential issues early and intervene before they become serious. We monitor the overall health condition through regular checkups, screenings and followups. We provide immunizations, and vaccinations as well. 

Management of Chronic Conditions

Our internal medicine doctor in Bronx helps manage many chronic conditions. We treat patients for hypertension, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, or gastrointestinal issues. We conduct checkups, lab tests, and other assessments regularly to monitor patient’s health status. We provide medicine, dietary plans, and other lifestyle tips to encourage healthy behaviors based on each patient's condition.


Our physicians conduct initial evaluations and diagnose medical conditions. However, if the patient’s condition requires advanced treatment, we recommend them to specialists.

Generally, we act as a bridge between patients and specialists. We look at symptoms, medical history, and current conditions to identify the right specialist. Also, to ensure that the referral process remains simple, we talk to the specialist, book appointments, and provide the specialist with a detailed medical history.

Health Education

Our doctors are an authentic source of health information. We educate our patients about health management. We educate our patients on various health topics. We help them to identify warning signs for potential health problems. We also offer lifestyle guidelines to manage chronic conditions.  We help to lower the chances of developing health problems like diabetes or heart disease. We also advise on weight management programs, dietary plans, and exercise recommendations to maintain your health. 

Patient Advocacy

PCPs advocate for patients' best interests by considering their unique needs, values, and health goals. We provide simple explanations for complex medical information and help to select the best treatment option. Moreover, we act as a guide to the complex medical system, such as by taking on the responsibility of referring to specialist doctors, booking appointments, or helping understand medical bills.

They also advocate for patients by providing necessary medical documentation in case insurance companies refuse to cover certain procedures or medications. 

Square Medical Care: Your One-Stop Primary Care Provider in Bronx

Are you looking for Primary Care in Bronx? 

Square Medical can be your go to place. Our goal is to offer comprehensive primary care in Bronx. Our team has general medicine physicians, PCPs, and gynecologists. 

Our internal medicine doctors offer treatment for common diseases like cold, fever, flu, or minor injuries. We deal with chronic health issues like diabetes, asthma, or hypertension.  We provide referrals to specialists. We also guide diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits for the well-being of our patients. 

We provide both walk-in and online appointments to ensure patients receive the best and most appropriate primary care in the Bronx. Get an appointment now.