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DOT Physical Conducted by the Occupational Health Experts at Square Medical Care in Bronx, New York

If you work in a position that is regulated by the Department of Transportation, you’ll need to be cleared for work by a medical professional. At Square Medical Care, we specialize in occupational healthcare and offer a number of related services, including DOT physicals.

When Can I Come in for My Exam?

Square Medical Care is open six days a week. As we are a walk-in clinic, we never expect or require appointments or referrals for our services. This means that you can see a doctor for your DOT physical whenever it is most convenient for you, rather than deal with the hassle of rearranging your schedule to squeeze in an appointment.

What Can I Expect During My Dot Physical?

The purpose of a DOT physical is to verify that you are physically and mentally fit to operate a commercial vehicle and perform your job-related duties. At Square Medical Care, your exam will be conducted by a board-certified physician. They will ask you questions about your general health and medical history, conduct a thorough physical exam, and run various tests. All of the information they collect will be used to determine whether or not you are capable of performing the duties of your position without compromising the safety of yourself or anyone else.

If your doctor determines you are fit to handle the demands of your Department of Transportation-regulated job, they will certify you, which will allow you to obtain your medical certificate.

Visit Square Medical Care for Your DOT Physical

We would be happy to conduct your exam here at Square Medical Care and welcome you to visit us in Bronx any day of the week. All major insurance plans are accepted as are most self-pay options.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires those driving commercial vehicles to undergo a physical exam for their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). We have certified civil surgeons for your CDL/DOT physical

For jobs that require public safety assurance under the federal law of the United States, DOT physical tests are conducted. If you are a person who is looking to sit for a DOT physical exam to drive a heavyweight vehicle, this article is for you. You can walk in to take a DOT physical at Square Medical Care. In this article we tell you all you need to know about the DOT physical exam.

What is a DOT Physical?

DOT stands for Department of Transportation. DOT requires a Physical Test that is known as DOT physicals for people who drive commercial vehicles. You need to pass the DOT physicals if you decide to drive a commercial vehicle. DOT physicals are conducted to test if a person is mentally, physically, and emotionally stable enough to drive a commercial vehicle. DOT physical exam is issued by the Federal  Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and carried out by DOT physical doctors. If you are getting into commercial driving, you will need a CDL (commercial driving license) and a DOT medical card by passing the DOT medical exam.

Who needs a DOT physical?

You will need to pass the DOT physical exam if you fall under the categories listed below–

  • Driving a vehicle that carries more than 15 people
  • Being paid to drive a vehicle designed to carry 8 or more people
  • Driving a vehicle that carries hazardous material and is required to have a placard
  • Driving an interstate vehicle with gross combination weight over 10,000 pounds

Who signs your DOT physical card?

Find a medical professional and a place to take the DOT medical exam. We in Square Medical Care provide you a list of certified medical professionals for your DOT physicals. Below is a list of the types of medical professionals who are allowed to sign your DOT medical card.

  • Doctors of Medicine (MD)
  • Doctors of Osteopathy (DO)
  • Doctors of Chiropractic (DC)
  • Physician Assistant (PA)
  • Advance Practice Nurses (APN)

What does a DOT physical consist of?

Hearing test

With or without your hearing aid, you must be able to listen to a forced whisper within less than five feet.

Blood pressure and pulse rate check

Your blood pressure and pulse rate will be checked for irregular heartbeats or hypertension. Any digit under 140 systolic and 90 diastolic will be allowed. Higher than these two values will be considered as high blood pressure. In the first stage, you must take the exam annually. In the second stage, you will get to drive but must reduce your blood pressure to normal within three months. At the final stage, you must stop driving until you get your blood pressure in control. If your blood pressure hits 180/110, you fail the test. But you can reapply if you get it within 140/90.

Urine test

Your DOT physical doctors will do a urinalysis to check sugar levels and detect conditions like diabetes. Also, if there is any foreign substance, such as illegal drugs, you will fail the exam. 

Sleep apnea test

This is done to determine your capacity to drive for long hours. If you are sleepy during the day, have headaches, gasp during sleep, dry mouth while waking up, or simply snore loudly, you will need to be checked for sleep apnea.

Physical examinations

The DOT physical doctors in the Bronx will check your overall appearance. Sometimes, there are hidden conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration in the eyes, perforated ear drums, and tympanic membrane scarring in your ears. Thus, there is a need to check your eyes and ears. Your throat, mouth, and respiratory system will be checked for problems. Also, your internal organs will go through a thorough check-up just in case you have an enlarged liver, irregular heart sounds, visceral issues, muscle weakness, etc. Moreover, if you have any neurological problems regarding reflexes and movements, it might affect your overall analysis. 

You will need to fill up three forms:

Medical Examination Report (MER) Form, MCSA-5875 that is completed online at the center

Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC), Form MCSA-5876 received after passing the DOT exam

Insulin-treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment, MCSA-5870 form must be completed from a certified medical examiner (CME) 45 days (or less) before the DOT physical. This is mandatory only for insulin-treated diabetes patients.

What to bring to your DOT Physical?

For your DOT physical exam, you need to bring a list of things with you and this is mandatory if you are applying for a DOT medical card–

  • Complete driver’s information
  • Contact information
  • If your primary care physician is not the one signing your DOT physical, you need to bring your medical records
  • Past and current medical records
  • Medical records if you ever had a surgery
  • Medical records of any specialist you see for example an ophthalmologist or you are getting treatment for sleep apnea
  • If you have diabetes or any other condition that needs a blood test, bring your most recent lab test results
  • Your visual and/or hearing aids you need to use while driving so you can use them during your test
  • A list of all medications both prescribed and over-the-counter

Preparation for DOT physicals

A DOT physical exam is similar to your annual physical exam. This means you will need blood and urine tests. But to ensure your passing the test you may do the following–

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid eating processed and sugary food before the appointment
  • Keep your mind fresh and relax
  • Do not smoke or consume any beverage 30 minutes before the test
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Avoid using the restroom right before the appointment 

Cost of DOT physicals

We in Square Medical Care accept health insurance to cover for your DOT physical test. Just in case you do not have insurance, the cost will not go above $350.

Validity of DOT physicals

Your DOT medical card will be valid for 24 months. After that, you need to retake the exam. However, if you have any chronic medical condition such as hypertension, your DOT medical card will be valid for 12 months or less. In that case, you will need to keep your condition in check and take the exam again. 

Can I get disqualified for DOT physicals?

If you have below-mentioned issues, DOT physical doctors will disqualify you.                     

  • Limb defects or impairment
  • Loss of hands or feet or any kind of amputation
  • Finger or hand tremors or a disease that prevents proper grasping
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular issues that may cause heart failure during driving
  • Respiratory disease, epilepsy, or any other conditions that might cause the loss of consciousness
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Red-green or any color blindness that hampers reading signals and road signs
  • Records of suicidal or homicidal actions and attempts, psychosis, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depressive disorder etc., mental health issues
  • Consumption of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, opiates etc.

Make an appointment today with Square Medical Care for your DOT physical exam in Bronx.