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Square Medical Care is a one stop solution for green card health exams in the Bronx and the nearby area of Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester.

Green card in the United States of America is a dream for a lot of individuals. People desire to move to this country. Square Medical Care is here to help and guide you to make your immigration dream come true. Our USCIS certified civil surgeon will conduct your physicals and sign your immigration forms. The process is a very long term challenge. Most of the people get tired because of the multiple challenges they face during the journey. Our green card health team will make this journey an easier one for you. Our approach of compassion and professionalism will accompany you in every step. We provide thorough and accurate immigration physical in the Bronx and the nearby area of Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Westchester.

Trust Our Expertise

Dr. Chowdhury has experience and expertise as a USCIS certified civil surgeon. He has been offering green card health exams for many years with a deep understanding. We conduct each examination carefully. We follow all the rules and standards of USCIS regulations. Choose Square Medical Care for your immigration physical exam. 

Our Services According to Your Needs

We present a one-stop solution for all of your green card related medical exam procedures. We provide a comprehensive review of your medical history. It involves a physical examination and vaccines. If any additional screenings are required by USCIS, we also do that for you. For a green card you need to go for some disease testing. Such as infectious diseases like tuberculosis (TB) and STI like syphilis. We need to perform blood work to check your immunity to certain diseases.

Our Location in New York City 

We are located in the Bronx and have been handling neighboring towns for a long time. Our clinic is simply accessible to the people of Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, and the nearby regions. We feel that medical facilities deserve to be effortlessly accessible and easy to contact. We have flexible appointment options for your busy schedule. Consider our highest quality healthcare service and make us your first go to place for green card physical exam. 

Multilingual Approach

Our doctors have a multilingual specialty. We have a Spanish speaking doctor for the Spanish speaking patients. Our Spanish-speaking primary care doctors can communicate with you in your native language. Our doctors know Bengali as well. If you are a Bangla speaking patient and seeking a green card in the USA, visit Square Medical Care. Your safety and understanding as awareness are our main concerns. We work hard to ensure that language never stands in the way of receiving the medical care you need.

Tests and Screenings

Immigration physical exam includes several tests and screenings. These are conducted to assess the applicant's overall health. We ensure that you meet the requirements set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Specific requirements may vary depending on the individual. These following tests and screenings are common that are performed during an green card physical exam. 

Specific tests and screenings are conducted during an immigration physical exam may vary. Age, physical conditions, and current vaccination status are numerous variables that influence this. It is recommended that you speak with a USCIS-certified civil surgeon for advice. Our civil surgeon in Bronx, NYC will show you the pathway for the requirements specific to your immigration physical exam process.

Review of Medical History

Applicant's medical history is reviewed by the USCIS certified civil surgeon. Our immigration doctor will look into your past illnesses, surgeries, or chronic conditions. 

Physical Exam

Applicant's overall health is observed by thorough physical examination. Assessments of vital signs are done. We'll monitor your blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate, and the body's temperature. The applicant's eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, belly, skin, etc. are all checked. 

TB Screening

A screening for TB is mandatory. The rule is set by the immigration health exam. A tuberculin skin test (TST) is done for this. An interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) blood test is also used. We conduct chest X-ray to acquire accurate results. 

Serologic Testing

Infectious diseases like syphilis are detected by this test. We perform a blood test to identify the infection. 

Immunization and Vaccination Assessment

We review the applicant's vaccination history for immigration physicals. Our civil surgeon may administer additional vaccinations if you need. 

Mental Health Assessment

Mental health analysis is done to assess the applicant's state of mind. By this assessment we ensure our patients don't represent a threat to public or national security.

Drug Screening

This is not a routine part of the immigration health exam. But USCIS sometimes requests drug testing. They require it if there is reason to suspect substance abuse. We ask for a urine sample of the applicant for drug screening procedures.

Additional Services We Offer 

Square Medical Care offers immigration medical examinations in New York. We also provide primary care services to the Bronx community. Our medical services cover immunizations, preventative screenings, and treatment for acute and chronic conditions. We are ready to assist your health and well-being. We develop a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs. 

Schedule Your Immigration Physical Exam Today

Schedule your appointment with Square Medical Care for your green card health exam. Our civil surgeon will help you approach the immigration medical exam processes with convenience. Visit our clinic for reliable, precise, and supportive care every step of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an immigration physical good for?

The immigration physical exam is valid for a year from the date it was done. Stay updated with our USCIS certified civil surgeon for the latest updates and information about immigration physical exam. 

Does immigration physical test for drugs?

Immigration physical exams commonly do not involve a drug test for substance abuse. A complete medical exam is done to evaluate your overall health and well-being. But sometimes USCIS requires a drug test if they feel a drug is needed. 

What is included in a green card medical exam?

A green card medical exam is a usual physical exam. It includes thorough physical examination, review of medical history, and vaccinations. We conduct additional screenings if they are required by USCIS. Square Medical Care offers comprehensive services to ensure all your immigration medical exam requirements are met. 

Can Square Medical Care assist with completing Form I-693?

Dr. Ataul Chowdhury MD, our USCIS-certified civil surgeon, can guide you with finalizing Form I-693. This is a report on the medical examination and vaccination record. USCIS demands these from adjustment of status applicants. 

We assure that all relevant information is properly recorded and filed to USCIS. This is the crucial part of your immigration application.