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Your primary care physician will guide you to a specialty care whenever you need

Square Medical Care’s primary care service is the first choice of the people in Bronx, NY. Whether you need an routine checkup, annual checkup or preventive care, we offer the best service at our primary care clinic. We provide comprehensive primary care for you and families in Bronx. We will help you manage acute illness, chronic conditions or minor injuries through assessment and preventive care. Whether you are suffering from common cold or suffering from long term health issues, we have got it covered. 

We provide our primary care services on 204th Street, Bronx, NY. Square Medical Care has multilingual specialty which breaks the barrier of languages. We have Spanish-speaking PCPs in Bronx. Whenever you or your family members need a general practitioner in NYC, Square Medical Care has the best PCPs in Bronx. We have Spanish-speaking doctor in Bronx to treat Spanish speaking patients. Our internal medicine doctors are certified to conduct DOT Physicals and Immigration Physical Exam also.  

Our Primary Care Physicians and General Doctors

Our primary care and general medicine doctors are there to watch over the all round service for you and your family. Our board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners have great experience diagnosing and prescribing medicine for common health issues. If you have health insurance plans, choose our family practitioner.

Our primary care physicians are the first contact point in your healthcare journey. Our doctors provide assessment for people with chronic health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, thyroid disorders, chronic kidney disorders, and gastrointestinal problems. We regularly monitor and manage medication and provide suggestions for lifestyle changes.

We have primary care physicians and gynecologists together in one place.  Our PCPs will focus on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This promotes your overall health. 

One Stop Health Care Provider

We have primary care physicians and gynecologists together in one place.  Our PCPs will focus on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This promotes your overall health. 

Our Services

Chronic Conditions Management

Primary care experts assist individuals with constant chronic disease management for conditions like hypertension, asthma, diabetes, gastrointestinal, high cholesterol, obesity and so on. We additionally guide you with dietary changes, and lifestyle changes to effectively manage your condition. We offer ongoing monitoring and regular check-ins to track your progress.

Annual Physical

We provide a comprehensive overview of your well being through our comprehensive annual physical in Bronx. We identify potential health issues before they escalate through this yearly exam. Our internal medicine doctor thoroughly checks your body, including heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, and other systems. We conduct various screening tests depending on your age, gender and risk factors. 

Women’s Health

Our doctors offer healthcare tailored to women's health needs. Our services include annual wellness exams and preventive care.  We also provide cancer screenings for breast and cervical cancers also. We have experienced women doctor at our clinic. It helps us to provide a supportive environment for women's health needs. We 

Men’s Health

Our comprehensive primary care services are specifically designed to address the healthcare needs of men. We advice on many lifestyle concerns, from exercise to diet plans for overall wellbeing. We also provide vital screenings for conditions such as prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. 

Preventive Care

Our primary care practitioners emphasize vaccinations, screenings, and routine check-ups to promote preventive care. We offer care tailored to your age and health condition. Thus many health diseases can be detected early and the risk of spreading the disease or worsening is reduced.

Continuous Support

Primary care is continuous and long term. That is why our doctors develop a long-term relationship with patients. This helps them to understand the patient’s needs, know their medical history, preferences in treatment, and effective personalized services. We also suggest follow up appointment to see if the current treatment is effective or not.


Our PCPs maintain proper communication with other specialists for your medical needs. This creates an integrated health service. We refer to specialists for advanced diagnostic procedures, specialized interventions, or treatments outside the scope of primary care. 

Patient Education and Counseling

Our doctors will provide the knowledge necessary to managing their health effectively. We will enlighten you regarding diet, immunization, workout and emotional well-being. 

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To see a specialist or a new doctor, the waiting time for an appointment is long and often cannot be accessed. Whether you're looking for a reliable healthcare solution for managing your condition or preventive care for your overall well being, you can trust our healthcare professionals.  At Square Medical Care, you can have access to our doctor at any of your preferred times. Your health problems will not get worse by waiting for too long. We accept new patients.

Make a walk-in appointment or online appointment by clicking on the appointment at the right corner of this page. We also walk in appointments also. We are all set to help you in your journey to a healthy life in a warm and friendly atmosphere.