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Do you or your family members have chronic disease? Come to us for comprehensive chronic care management services. Square Medical Care is the best primary care clinic in Bronx. We have board certified doctors to provide you with the best care. We individually assess every patient to understand their unique needs. Our routine checkups, preventive care, medication, and lifestyle counseling will help to keep your long term health issues under control. We have Spanish speaking PCPs in our clinic. It helps ensure effective communication between healthcare providers and Spanish Speaking patients. We have an experienced women doctor as part of our team.  Get your appointment today. We are here to provide comprehensive treatment to ensure your well being and long life.

What is Chronic Disease Management?

Chronic diseases are long term health conditions people suffer from. These do not cure easily. These diseases also progress slowly and become harmful to your overall well being. You need continuous care to keep these conditions under control. Some of the diseases include diabetes, hypertension, asthma, high cholesterol levels, chronic kidney disease, or cardiovascular disease. We provide customized solutions to cure your conditions based on your health needs. 

How Do We Manage Chronic Illnesses?

The experienced primary care doctors at Square Medical Care use holistic approach to managing your chronic conditions. We identify your symptoms and underlying issues to create a treatment and management plan.

The following is our way of managing chronic disease:

Comprehensive Health Assessments

We assess your overall health condition. We do various examinations to identify your illnesses. We get an idea about your health needs. This is necessary for us to create your treatment plan. Our comprehensive health assessment includes the following:

Medical History Examinations

Our primary care physician conducts a thorough review of your medical history. We look into your family medical records and your past diseases. We also check your medications. The overall assessment of this information helps us understand your health condition. This review gives us ideas about your underlying health issues or risk factors that can develop into chronic illnesses.

Physical Examinations

Our internal medicine doctors perform your physical examination during your appointment. We check your vitals such as blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing rate, and other signs. We also check various body parts, including the head, neck, chest and abdomen.

Diagnostic Tests and Screenings

We conduct several diagnostic tests as well to get a clear picture of your overall health status. We ask for various tests depending on age, gender, and individual risk factors. We suggest laboratory tests to check blood level. glucose levels, kidney function, or lipid profiles. We also look to detect infections. We also do imaging and other screenings to identify other underlying issues. These screening provide valuable insights into your health status. We can identify your risk factors and provide interventions early. And for patients who already have chronic illnesses, this will help us to keep their disease symptoms under control.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We understand that your chronic disease journey is unique. That is why we consider your overall health and needs when developing a personalized primary care treatment plan for you. We provide you:

Individualized Medication Management

Our internal medicine doctor analyzes your medical condition, current medication, and past illnesses. Based on that, the doctor creates your medication plan. We prescribe you medicines, recommend discontinuing your current medication, or adjust your doses. We also provide you with clear instructions on medication dosages and administration. Our careful medication planning is designed considering the side effects and drug interactions.


Individuals with chronic conditions often have weakened immune systems. They are at higher risk of complications from infectious diseases. We offer vaccinations depending on their health stats. It helps to reduce the risk of contracting these diseases.

Lifestyle Modifications

Chronic care management requires both lifestyle modification and medication help. Our doctor in Bronx offers personalized guidance on healthy habits and behaviors. We advise you to quit smoking, limit drinking or improve your sleeping habits. We also provide you with stress management techniques to reduce your stress level.

Nutritional Guidance

Management of many of your chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease needs dietary modifications. We consider your overall conditions to guide you on portion control, balanced nutrition, meal timing, and food choices. We will suggest your dietary preferences considering your cultural background, and medical needs. Our doctors will offer practical tips to support your nutritional goals.

Advice on Regular Exercise

You might be suffering from chronic conditions like hypertension, thyroid, COPD or asthma. Chronic care management requires you to do regular physical activity. We will assess your physical fitness and suggest you exercises. We recommend simple exercises like walking or cycling. Depending on the body type, we also advise flexibility exercises, strength training or a combination of activities. 

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

Our comprehensive chronic care management in Bronx includes monitoring your progress. We suggest follow up appointments to check how well our treatment plan is working for you. We conduct your regular checkups and other assessments. Our internal medicine doctors adjust your treatment plan if necessary. We also offer telemedicine services for your convenience. You don't have to visit our clinic. Our doctors will communicate with you through video calls. 


We offer referral services to provide our patients with a holistic treatment experience. We want to ensure you get specialized care beyond our primary care offerings. We conduct thorough assessments to identify your needs accurately. We recommend you to specialists in case you need advanced care. We manage your complete referral process. We get your appointment and manage other formalities. We provide your medical records to the specialist doctor to ensure the transition of your treatment doesn't have any gap.

Square Medical Care offers the best treatment to manage chronic conditions. We offer walk in appointments as well. We accept all major insurance plans. Get appointment now to get comprehensive care. 


What are the 10 major chronic diseases?

  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Mental Health Conditions 
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Can treatment cure chronic illnesses?

Long term medical conditions like chronic diseases cannot be cured completely. These conditions progress slowly and become serious with time. You need to manage them to ensure good quality of life. You can take proper treatment and follow healthy lifestyle choices to keep your diseases under control.

How important is regular monitoring for chronic disease management?

You need regular monitoring to make your chronic disease management effective. Your doctor will check your condition and give lab tests at follow up appointments. This will help to monitor the progression of your condition. After evaluating the effectiveness of treatment plans, your doctor can make necessary adjustments if required.