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Preventing High Cholesterol is now possible with preventive medical care assistance
Control and Prevent High Cholesterol
Feb 27, 2024 577 views

It is important to keep cholesterol in control for any individual. It helps the blood to circulate all throughout the body. The problem happens when the cholesterol level goes too high and starts to block the veins. It becomes a risk factor for many cardiovascular and health diseases. It includes heart attacks, strokes, and dementia. So it is important to control this for heart health and overall well-being. 

Understanding about Cholesterol 

You can do the screening of the cholesterol at any primary care clinic. The doctor takes a blood test to measure the levels of cholesterol. The lipid profile report consists of four to five numbers. This includes-

  • HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein)
  • LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein)
  • Total cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

Two of the important numbers among these are HDL and LDL. Doctors tend to call HDL- Happy Cholesterol and LDL- Lousy Cholesterol. A high percentage of HDL is good for your health. HDL works like a vacuum cleaner and sucks out the cholesterol from blood vessels. 60 and higher HDL level is considered heart healthy. The number that should be taken into better consideration is LDL. A higher percentage of LDL is linked with an increased risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Leading experts in preventive healthcare recommend maintaining LDL levels below 100 for heart health. Another percentage that is taken into consideration is the total cholesterol available in your blood vessels. Dr. Ataul Chowdhury MD from Square Medical Care Bronx, New York says that “A green flag for total cholesterol is under 200”

When is the perfect time to do cholesterol screening?

The answer is as early as possible. According to many internal medicine doctors, the best age to do a cholesterol screening is at the age of twenty and above. Doctors recommend doing the screenings as early as age 9 if an individual has a family history of high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease. Doing a cholesterol screening at an early age sets a baseline to learn about your medical condition.

How do you control high cholesterol?

Nothing is there to worry about unless cholesterol is interfering with your healthy happy state. Being proactive about your health from your 20s to 30s is one of the great ways to prevent building high cholesterol in your blood vessels. Here are some of the best ways to prevent high cholesterol recommended by best primary care clinic in Bronx -

Checking Genetic and Family History

People with a genetic and family history of heart disease are at high risk of building dysfunctional cholesterol in the blood vessels. If you are in danger, always keep in contact with your doctor.

Regular Medical Checkup

Once a year a medical checkup can let you know about the condition of HDL, LDL, and overall cholesterol levels. Primary Care Clinics like Square Medical Care in the Bronx, New York do several screenings to determine how you can retain a good percentage of healthy cholesterol in your blood cells.

Healthy Diet

To keep your cholesterol in control, pay attention to your diet. Always prefer eating good foods with healthy fats. Avoid processed and junk food as much as you can as it contains high amounts of unhealthy fats, sugars, and salt. Focus on plant based protein because animal fats are the primary producer of cholesterol. You can eat food that contains omega-3 fatty acids. Such foods are salmon, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts. You should stop drinking and smoking. 


One of the great ways to burn excessive cholesterol that your body accumulates is through regular physical exercise. Therefore, work out often. You can also contact your primary care physician to learn about the exercises that best suit for fat burning.

Managing stress

Stress releases cortisol in our body, leading to hormonal changes. This can raise our blood pressure and increase cholesterol levels. Make sure you have a plan to manage stress and life pressures effectively.

Get Help from Primary Care Doctors

Primary care doctors use different tools and parameters to determine who should be on medicine and who should not. If your family has a genetic history of heart disease, the doctor’s number should be on your priority list. Another time to consider visiting them when you have tried everything you could, but nothing seems to be working out. If you are on a diet, see the results of the first six months before visiting your doctor. Usually, it takes six months to see the results of a particular diet. If you fear medicine, remember that the goal here is to live happily without having the fear of heart disease. If you can reach it with medicine, you should not fear it.

The Good News

90% of heart diseases are preventable with proper medical assistance. Even if it is in your genetic and family history, you do not need to worry about it. Take the brave step and visit your primary care doctor in Bronx to know your next move.

Square Medical Care

Square Medical Care plays a crucial role in controlling the cholesterol level of the people in Bronx. We offer preventive care, comprehensive chronic management treatment plans and education to manage cholesterol levels. As a leading primary care clinic in Bronx, we provide a wide range of healthcare and specialized services like DOT Physical. Our clinic boasts multilingual doctors, including Spanish-speaking professionals. It ensures that we can effectively cater to patients from various backgrounds. We know the importance of timely and responsive healthcare. So we offer walk-in appointments for urgent care needs.